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       ULTRACAST  is a multi-purpose casting sheet. It function well with PVC, PU  and SEMI-PU (PU/PVC).  It is designed to be compatible with solution, dispersions and latex systems.

       ULTRACAST  100% pattern replication is a decided advantage for urethanes which compete head to head with real leather. No mechanically embossed release paper can compare with it.

       ULTRACAST  will always replicate the engraved roll perfectly. There is no gloss or depth variation roll-to-roll or  run-to-run. The only way to change the gloss or the pattern depth is to change the engraved roll.

       ULTRACAST  is temperature stable. It performs well at PVC blowing temperatures and higher (200C+) Without any changes to film gloss and pattern depth.

      Since ULTRACAST  ‘s embossing pattern is contained totally within the hard ULTRACAST  coating it can be used at pressures over 100 BAR with no loss of definition. This is especially importance in the “paper embossing process” where an ULTRACAST web is used, under heat and pressure, as an embossing mediumfor plastic webs. ULTRACAST  is also used in the high pressure, low pressure, and continuous melamine laminate markets.

Classic Warren

       Classic Warren release papers have evolved over the past 45 years to fill a wide range of customer needs and end market requirements.

        Classic release papers are made using either water based or solvent based release coatings, which are applied with either an air knife coater or reverse roll coater.

The major end market that have driven our product design efforts are:

• Footwear
• Handbags & Luggage
• Upholstery
• Automotive upholstery/interior parts
• Apparel
• Decorative films/signs/markings
• Small leather goods
• Industrial foams and films

       Our Classic papers are available in a wide range of gloss level for both flat and embossed patterns. We pride ourselves at being in the forefront of fashion. We have over fifty Classic patterns from fine kid, goat and calf grains to deep full grain cow hide patterns. We also have a creative selection of novelty geometric and reptile embossings. Our goal is to continue to be responsive to the changing styling needs of all our customer markets.

The functional and aesthetic properties that have been built into our papers fill the needs for:

• PVC Casting
• PU Casting
• Acrylic Casting
• Latex Casting
• Foam Casting
• Organisol and solution vinyl films

Classic release papers can also be used to manufacture:

• Flooring
• Roofing membrane
• Inflatable structures
• Outdoor flexible signs
• Foams
      Vibration absorption
     Thermal insulation
     Shoe linings & insoles
• Decorative laminates
     High pressure (melamine)
     Low pressure (melamine/polyester)
     Continuous (melamine)
• Cast ceramic-solvent or aqueous
• Rubber interleaving (printing blankets)
• Gasketing
• Films:
     Decorative (self adhesive)